Supervisory Committee Member Volunteer Position

Supervisory Committee Member Volunteer Position

Job Description

The Supervisory Committee’s primary function is to ensure on-going reviews and audits to make sure that the credit union records are maintained properly, honestly and accurately; that policies established by law and by the board of directors are carried out faithfully; and that members’ assets are safeguarded and used according to the purposes of the credit union.  In general, the Supervisory Committee performs several of its duties on a “On-going basis.”  It is our job to see that internal controls are established and effectively maintained to safeguard the credit union’s assets; oversee the inspection of securities, cash, and accounts of the credit union; and the actions of the board of directors, officers and committees.  The committee’s main function is to see that the credit union is in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

This job is a volunteer position and as such, there is no direct compensation. Members of the committee as well as members of the board serve in good will to enhance and complement the services provided by the credit union, which operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Job Duties

To that end committee members prepare a monthly report to the board of committee activities.  On a monthly and rotating basis among members of the committee, a report is prepared that outlines a review of new accounts, closed accounts, new loan accounts and new Visa card accounts.  Additional duties include a quarterly review of employee accounts, a review of surprise checks of tellers, a cash audit of our two vaults, and a review of the reconciliation of credit union accounts.  These latter duties are shared by supervisory committee members.

Attendance at the monthly meeting of the board of directors is not mandatory.  However, committee members often meet informally and formally prior to board meetings.  The committee generally meets more formally 1-2 times per year to establish a calendar, approve the selection of an outside auditor, review the work of the outside audit and plan for individual assignments of committee activities. 

The successful applicant will receive training from current experienced committee members, as well as have access to online training sessions as needed or required by our national governing body. Committee members must also have the opportunity to attend regional and national training conferences as needed and as funded by the credit union, with prior approval by the Board of Directors.

Anticipated Time Commitment

2-3 hours quarterly completing assigned tasks at the credit union and preparing the monthly board report at home.

To qualify for this volunteer position, you must be a current member of PCTFCU and cannot be a relative of a current employee or Board of Directors member.

Supervisory Committee Member Job Application

Please fill out all application form fields below and click “Submit” to submit your application for consideration. Applications must be submitted by 12/10/2021 for consideration for this volunteer position.