Social Security (and Potential Fraud)

April 20, 2021

Social Security retirement is a Federal social insurance program run by the Social Security Administration.  Funds collected via payroll taxes paid by current workers are used to pay benefits to retirees.  Any funds not distributed are deposited into a trust fund to be used for future years when contributions fall short. Given the size and … Continue reading Social Security (and Potential Fraud)

How to Protect Yourself from Consumer Scams

April 6, 2021

In today’s world, criminals are hard at work devising and using various scams to fool consumers into providing personal information, exposing their hard earned financial assets to theft and fraud. Here are some different ways to protect yourself from such situations. Never give out your personal or financial information to someone you do not know … Continue reading How to Protect Yourself from Consumer Scams

Fraud Can Be A Taxing Topic

February 2, 2016

Fraud can be a taxing topic. Educate yourself on how to keep your money and personal information safe. With tax season upon us, it is the perfect time to gain insider tips on preventing tax identity theft. The NCUA has launched a Fraud Prevention Center full of information on how to protect yourself against fraud … Continue reading Fraud Can Be A Taxing Topic