Financial Education

Loans vs. Lines of Credit

May 7, 2021

Credit Unions, Banks and other financial institutions offer many lending products wherein the customer borrows money and agrees to pay it back with interest.  Non-Revolving Loans and revolving lines of credit are two such products. Approval decisions can be based on the purpose(s) for which the funds are borrowed, the credit history of the borrower, … Continue reading Loans vs. Lines of Credit

Good Savings Habits

February 17, 2021

Building good money habits will help you learn how to budget, save money, and set you up for financial success. The key to reaching good savings habits is to take baby steps that become an everyday routine over time. With discipline and deliberate action, these steps will lead to a positive impact on your financial … Continue reading Good Savings Habits

Planning for Retirement & Retirement Accounts

February 4, 2021

Planning for retirement is a long multi-step process that takes years of preparing and saving. It can look differently to each individual. Maybe you would like to fully retire to travel the world or spend time with family. Or others may still want to work part time. Whatever lifestyle you choose, getting a head start … Continue reading Planning for Retirement & Retirement Accounts

Smart Budgeting Tips

January 25, 2021

Here are some common tips for creating a budget. Know your income Know all of your expenses Understand flexible expenses Plan for unexpected expenses Be realistic While planning every cent is possible, it may not always be realistic.  A budget is meant to be a guide; it’s your guide, and is based on your information. … Continue reading Smart Budgeting Tips

Retirement Account Basics: 401k vs. IRA

January 11, 2021

Many of us have retirement accounts through either employers or of our own contributions.  Two of the more common today are the 401(k) Plan and the Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Both have a variant known as a Roth, and all four allow for your investments to grow tax free. Each has certain features, tax benefits … Continue reading Retirement Account Basics: 401k vs. IRA