How to Create A Realistic Budget

August 20, 2021

A budget is a plan you write down to decide how you will spend and save your money each month. It may feel daunting, but budgeting doesn’t have to be a painful process! Creating and sticking with a realistic budget can help make sure your financial bases are covered, help you steer clear of debt … Continue reading How to Create A Realistic Budget

Good Savings Habits

February 17, 2021

Building good money habits will help you learn how to budget, save money, and set you up for financial success. The key to reaching good savings habits is to take baby steps that become an everyday routine over time. With discipline and deliberate action, these steps will lead to a positive impact on your financial … Continue reading Good Savings Habits

Smart Budgeting Tips

January 25, 2021

Here are some common tips for creating a budget. Know your income Know all of your expenses Understand flexible expenses Plan for unexpected expenses Be realistic While planning every cent is possible, it may not always be realistic.  A budget is meant to be a guide; it’s your guide, and is based on your information. … Continue reading Smart Budgeting Tips